If you want to make an inquiry or have any questions please call us at (+34) 635 94 79 75 / (+34) 971 829 509 Read More
If you want to make an inquiry or have any questions please call us at (+34) 635 94 79 75 / (+34) 971 829 509 Read More

Mallorca and Artá

Mallorca is a magical place and an excellent destination for leisure time activities; the diversity of its nature, its history and culture and dozens of kilometers of stunning beaches of unparalleled beauty, with warm turquoise waters and fine sand make Mallorca a refuge of paradise close to you, at your fingertips in no time.

In Mallorca awaits a sea of ​​experiences, memories and moments in wonderful places to explore.  Paradisiacal sea, majestic scenery, exquisite cuisine and endless recreational activities are among the perks. If you come to Mallorca, Artá ​​is a must. If you want to reacquaint yourself with the authentic Mallorca, Artá is your destiny.

Artá is located in the northwest of Mallorca and while it can be characterized by the hospitality and generosity of its locals, there are so many more things to indulge in.  For example, twenty-five kilometers of pristine beaches and natural surroundings, varied cuisine, a rich archaeological heritage, The Llevant de Mallorca Marine Reserve, located northeast of the island between Cap Mata and Cap des Freu, has over nine hundred species, mainly algae, mollusk and fish. Furthermore, there are a wide range of sports to practice outdoors (a sailing club, an equestrian center, tennis courts, golf courses) which make tourism and leisure original in this corner of Mallorca.

The beaches in Artá are recognized as some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and many of them are included in the Parc de Llevant maritime-terrestrial reserve. In less than fifteen minutes from Hotel Can Moragues you will have at your disposal a dozen idyllic coves where you can enjoy crystal clear waters of blue and green coloration with white sands and wonderful enclaves which have barely been modified by humans. 

We want you come, so we invite you to explore our little niche. What are you waiting for?


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